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The EU has set the stage to empower semiconductor manufacturing in Europe being one of the key drivers for innovation and employment and creator for answers to the challenges of the modern society. Aim of IoSense is to boost the European competitiveness of ECS industries by increasing the pilot production capacity and improving Time-to-Market for innovative microelectronics, accomplished by establ ...
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TFP Strut Qualification (SPS_TFP_SQ)

Start date: 01 Oct 2015, End date: 30 Sep 2017,

This proposal aims at qualification by extensive testing of market relevant carbon fibre struts manufactured with the tailored fibre placement (TFP) technology up to TRL 8 for space applications.A strut is a very common structural element in launchers and satellites. The main novelty of the proposed solution is that even the fittings are carbon (state-of-the-art is metal).The requirements and mark ...
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... ies (lack of ductility, stiffness). Thirdly, if the appropriate level of confidence and cycle time was available, Simulation-based design would provide a faster and less expensive path to find the optimal structures than the current development process, which relies on physical tests. Lastly, more conductive composites are necessary to avoid additional weight for system protection. The aim of MAAX ...
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