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Log In

Start date: Sep 1, 2013,

'LOG IN' Training course will tackle the issue of internet and online practices that influence young people's life and the profession of youth work. The 6 day training course will follow the approach 'Context out' that youth work activities should be implemented where the young people are choosing to be.Understanding better this medium will also help and assist those working with young people to u ...
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IBB: Intercultural Bridges Builders

Start date: Mar 1, 2008,

Theme: cultural diversity as a positive and powerful tool within international youth exchanges by active participation of young people. To built tolerance towards cultural diversity and find common European roots into it throughout the active participation of young people.Main aim is to train youth workers and youth leaders to be capable of preparing, implementing, and evaluating workshops on cult ...
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Our Challenges-Our Future

Start date: Dec 2, 2011,

The aim of project "Our Challenges-Our Future" is to promote active citizenship among youth and to motivate young people across Europe to take initiative in making decision processes in their local communities and work on intercultural dialogue.The objectives are this training course (TC) are the following ones: -To develop skills and knowledge about team work, communication, project cycle managem ...
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