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Background The project focuses on areas that are pivotal for the conservation of the two sea turtle species occurring in the EU and listed as priority species in Annex II of the Habitats Directive, the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) and the green turtle (Chelonia mydas). In the EU, the loggerhead turtle has major nesting sites in Greece and Cyprus, a ...
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Start date: Apr 1, 2012, End date: Oct 30, 2014,

Creating a network of laboratories and national inspection bodies with experience and interest in developing a common strategy and the use of harmonized analytical techniques for controlling genetic traceability and labeling of seafood products that are sold in the AA regions and in the European markets. ...
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Baltic SeaBreeze (BSB)

Start date: Dec 31, 2004, End date: Dec 30, 2007,

The goal for the Baltic SeaBreeze (BSB) project was to increase awareness of the marine pollution situation in the target sectors of fishing, shipping, and leisure craft owners. Focus areas have been environmental issues in guest harbours and marinas, Blue Flag activities, courses for fishermen and seamen, and a media campaign. The ultimate goal of Baltic SeaBreeze was to change the attitudes and ...
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North Sea Commission Fisheries Partnership (The Partnership)

Start date: Feb 28, 2002, End date: Jun 29, 2005,

The aim of the Partnership was to reach consensus about the sustainable management of shared fish and shellfish stocks in the North Sea area through improved co-operation of fishermen, researchers and other vital actors such as fishery managers, conservation groups, fish processors and merchants. ...
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