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The European industry is currently a world leader in aviation and to maintain its leading position and competitiveness in the dynamic global market, Europe’s industry must develop quickly and efficiently high quality products by meeting time-critical market demands and customers’ needs. Industrial competition is becoming fiercer not only from established regions, such as the USA, but from new eme ...
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Description Developing "human-centric" technology for industrial robots Robots for industrial production still need a lot of skilled engineering effort for installation, setup and programming. They also require closed-ended environments, with physical protection devices to separate them from human ...
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Implementation of Virtual Testing in Safety Regulations (IMVITER)

Start date: Apr 1, 2009, End date: Jun 30, 2012,

"Computer aided engineering is a routinely used technology for the design and testing of road vehicles, including the simulation of their response to an impact and the prediction of the risk of injuries sustained by the potential victims. But, so far, the release of a vehicle on the market still depends on the verification of the product compliance with safety standards through a series of type ap ...
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