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The model of cross-border cooperation (AgroPark Alakurtti)

Start date: Dec 19, 2012, End date: Jul 18, 2015,

Promotion of sustainable social and economic development of Alakurtti achieved through cross-border cooperation with Finland (Lapland) and Sweden (Norrbotten) with the long-term goal to make the whole project area (Lapland, Norrbotten and Murmansk region) attractive for international tourists, business people and investors.
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Business and Tourism Partnership (Salla-Gate)

Start date: Apr 2, 2012, End date: Jan 1, 2015,

The municipalities around the Salla border crossing point together constitute a cross border economic activity partnership area, where there is a constant flow of business activities across the border. The project aims to increase the successful utilization of the favourable geographical logistics, the nature nature, the manmade areas and the differences in the way of living and the rich and var ...
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