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 Natural Resources

: Oct 16, 2017

About Me

Nienke has a Masters degree in GIS and Physical Geography, with over 15 years experience applying GIS in water and environmental projects in the private and public sector. Currently she is a freelance consultant with a varied client and project portfolio focusing on geo-information management.

Before specialising in GIS, Nienke worked as a water resources manager in the Eastern Caribbean, where she was in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture's Hydro-meteorological unit. Responsible for staff management, training and procurement, she was also in charge of data management, analysis and dissemination of results.

Since working in the private sector, her GIS skills have focused primarily on water resources, in particular flood risk management, and environmental sector, with participation in large projects in the UK, USA and Brazil. She considers spatial analysis and data/information management important issues in such projects and enjoys training and mentoring staff to value and acquire these techniques.

While Nienke's main focus is often on the technical aspects of geo-information, she is also an experienced project manager with excellent communication skills.

Fields of Expertise:

 IT Applications
 Cartography & Maps

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