# Last Calls

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KATANA Open Call 1 – Call for teams

EC - Horizon 2020  
- 80 days

1. Overview 1.1 Background information on KATANA “KATANA - Emerging industries as key enablers for the adoption of advanced technologies in the agrifood sector" supports European SMEs in the agrifood value chain to simultaneously access knowledge, technology, capital and markets in order to respond to the global competitive environment. KATANA aims to provide this access to companies by leve ...

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URBACT Good Practice Call

- 111 days

1. Introduction The URBACT programme1 enables cities to work together and develop integrated solutions to common urban challenges by networking, drawing lessons from peer reviews and identifying good practices to improve urban policies.  After 14 years of driving change in European cities2, URBACT is now issuing a Good Practice Call. This call invites cities to come forward with their good p ...

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Call for Proposal - Sustainable Urbanisation Global Ini ...

EC - Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection  
- 58 days

The 2017 call for proposals for buffer capacities refers to action 2.9 of the Work Programme 2017, aimed at addressing temporary shortcomings of response capacities in extraordinary disasters. Decision No 1313/2013/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 December 2013 establishes a European Emergency Response Capacity (EERC) in the form a voluntary pool of pre-committed response ...

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Creative Europe - Film Education 2017 - EACEA/25/2016

EC - Creative Europe  
- 82 days

Objectives and Description This notice is based on the Regulation No 1295/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11/12/2013 concerning the implementation of a programme of support for the European cultural and creative sector (CREATIVE EUROPE) and the corrigendum of the 27/06/2014.  Within the specific objective of promoting transnational circulation, one of the priorities of ...

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Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of youth 2017 - ...

EC - Erasmus+  
- 83 days

Capacity-building projects in the field of youth cover a range of activities that encourage cooperation between organisations active in youth, education, training and other socio-economic sectors in Programme and Partner Countries from different regions of the world. These projects aim to recognize and improve youth work, non-formal learning and volunteering and link them to education systems a ...

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Integration of Third-Country Nationals - AMIF-2016-AG-I ...

EC - DG - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund  
- 80 days

The present Call for Proposals aims at funding projects in the area of Integration of third-country nationals. Project applications submitted under the present Call for Proposals must address at least one of the following priorities: 1. Promoting active participation in society overall Integration goes beyond having a job. Active participation in other aspects of society is equally import ...

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Creative Europe - Support for Access to Markets EACEA 1 ...

EC - Creative Europe  
- 54 days

The present call for proposals is subject to:   the availability of the funds after the adoption of the budget for 2017 by the budgetary authority.    1. OBJECTIVES AND DESCRIPTION  This notice of a call for proposals is based on the Regulation No 1295/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11/12/2013 concerning the implementation of a programme of support for the Eur ...

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LIFE Preparatory Projects for the European Solidarity C ...

EC - DG Environment  
- 87 days

1. General Information  1.0 Introduction  This call embodies a joint initiative of the European Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) aimed at concretely exploring the potential of using volunteer work for environmental protection activities, mainly targeted to Natura 2000 sites. This initiative will be implem ...

# Last Ideas Proposed

Interested in a Partnership (Independent Expert Consulting Board, InExCB-KZ)

Created today

Joint research in international programmes and projects in the field of international cooperation, Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Social and Humanitarian Sciences, Bio-technologies, and Techn ...

Interested in a Partnership (Mor Lanel)

Created yesterday

Empowering Children, increasing Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving abilities, Coolaboration, and Knowledge Sharing. Empowering Educators.

Sustainpower - Integrated Platform for Holistic Planning, Public Awareness and Shared Cons...

Created 3 days ago

The evaluation of the potential impact of a new energy production site is a hard task, which comprises the evaluation of heterogeneous aspects – including the environment, the society and the ...

Interested in a Partnership (Artists collective in marseille)

Created 3 days ago

City, theatre, school, university, research center, migrant health and support association, other spaces for action and experimentation. Participatory artistic creation
Sharing knowledge

# Last Partners

Independent Expert Consulting Board, InExCB-KZ

Created today
Independent Expert Consulting Board, InExCB-KZ user picture
InExCB-Kz is created in 2002 by members of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan and FP5 NCP-Kz. Its main statutory obligations are to support involvement of Kazakh scientific community into the EU Framework Programmes, and strengthening the EU-KZ cooperation in RTDI. InExCB-Kz was hosting institution for FP6 and FP7 NCP-KZ, and now is National Coordination Point for Horizon 2020 in Kazakhstan. Director of InExCB-Kz, Dr. Kamila Magzieva, was INTAS advisor since 1994, and since 1996 she was National Coordinator for FP5, FP6, FP7, and now she is National cooInExCB-Kz participated in number of projects  co-funded by the EC, such as ICA2-CT-2000-50004-Network-Kz; FP6-501064-ERA-CentralAsia, FP6-INTAS-ININ-NIP-KZ, FP6-023157-InJoy&Train, FP6-SCOPE-2015, ETS1/EUROTRUST, FP6-037116-INTERLINK, FP7-212226-INCONET-EECA, FP7-223358-EECA-LINK, FP7-227204-BIO-CIRCLE, FP7-244417-INCONET-CASC, FP7-KBBE-2B-265608-BIOCIRCLE 2, FP7-212827-EU-PEARLS, FP7-609508-INCONET-CA, FP7-611063-EAST-HORIZON, for Horizon 2020 NCP in Kazakhstan.

Bostandyk District, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Power Net Consulting

Created today
Power Net Consulting user picture
Power Net Consulting SRL (PNC) is a consultancy company and a training provider, activating in the creative industries field (as one of the Romanian based leading information, technology and communications providers), and also in the area of managing and implementing European funded projects. Headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, PNC capitalizes on a 16-year experience on the Romanian creative industries market, which helps it define a custom-tailored product portfolio that meets a broad spectre of needs, including consultancy, planning, implementation and solutions. Power Net Consulting advises on European funds’ opportunities for private companies, public institutions and non-governmental organizations. Power Net Consulting addresses its interest mainly in the following areas: research, development and innovation, education, environment, sustainable development and public services.

Bucharest, Romania

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# Last Consultants

NT Consulting "Tourism & Environment"

Created 3 days ago
NT Consulting "Tourism & Environment" user picture

International consultant specialised in tourism, environment and community-based development, I benefit from a Post graduate degree in “Innovation, Quality and Environment”, and have been working with international agencies (United Nations Development Program, United Nations World Tourism Organisation, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, World Bank, European Commission, French Cooperation Agency…), national and regional governments, international NGOs, international operators and local communities in Europe, in Maghreb and in Western and Central Africa, in the Indian Ocean, in Asia and in South East Asia.

My areas of expertise are (1) Tourism with specialization in ecotourism, responsible tourism and community-based tourism; Value-chain analysis, planning and coordination; (2) Capacity-building, training and on-the-job training of tourism stakeholders (governmental bodies, NGOs, tour operators, hospitality industry, communities…); (3) Environmental management (EMS, renewable energies, WaSH, DRR).

Speaking French, English and Spanish and used to work in sensitive situations, remote locations and with multicultural partners and stakeholders, I look for new opportunities and solutions for the wellbeing of women and men in developing areas.

69260 Charbonnières-les-Bains, France

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DSN - Connecting Knowledge

Created 3 days ago
DSN - Connecting Knowledge user picture

In order to make cooperations more successful we provide our clients with an integrated and modular range of services – from planning, application writing and management activities to the evaluation of cooperations.
We continuously support our clients in recognising relevant changes, formulating strategic goals in tandem with partners and in implementing necessary innovations in network projects. DSN has a high level of expertise and experience in the areas of:

- Application writing (especially INTERREG)
- Preparation of activities and financial reports and the organization of audits as part of INTERREG projects,
- Management of INTERREG projects with international partners in Europe, 
- Team development of international project consortia with different cultural backgrounds,
-  Preparation and facilitation of meetings of the project steering committees with international partners,
- Integration of and dialogue with regional and national stakeholders.
DSN has been working in cooperation projects since over 20 years with partners from industry, science, politics, and public administration.
The Quality Management System of DSN is certified in the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Andreas Gayk Straße 7-11, Kiel, Germany

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