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Galileo-EGNOS award scheme innovative ideas and support ...

EC - Growth  
-49 days

1. CONTEXT 1.1. BACKGROUND The Galileo programme is Europe's initiative for a state-of-the-art GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) infrastructure, providing a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service specifically designed for civilian purposes. While providing autonomous navigation and positioning services, Galileo will assure interoperability with th ...

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Joint enforcement actions under the multi-annual action ...

EC - Growth  
-29 days

1. CONTEXT The free movement of products is the most developed and best established of the four freedoms making up the EU Single Market. It is easier than ever before to buy and sell in and across 28 Member States with a combined population of approximately 507 million. Consumers and other users have a wide choice and are able to shop around for the best offers, safe in the knowledge ...

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Restricted action grants to support national informatio ...

EC - Justice - Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme  
-57 days

1. INTRODUCTION Call for proposals for action grants JUST/2016/RGEN/AG/VAWA This restricted call for proposals for action grants is based on the 2016 annual work programme1 of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC Programme)2 and on its substantial modification. Furthermore, the selection results of this restricted call for proposals is subject to the formal ad ...

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ERC-Proof of Concept ERC-2017-PoC

EC - Horizon 2020  
-370 days

Objectives Frontier research often generates unexpected or new opportunities for commercial or societal application. The ERC Proof of Concept Grants aim to maximise the value of the excellent research that the ERC funds, by funding further work (i.e. activities which were not scheduled to be funded by the original ERC frontier research grant) to verify the in ...

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Programme d’actions pilotes dans le cadre de l’initiati ...

Europe Aid  
-20 days

Il s'agit d'un appel à propositions restreint. Dans un premier temps, seules les notes succinctes de présentation (annexe A.1) doivent être soumises pour évaluation. Par la suite, les demandeurs chefs de file qui auront été présélectionnés seront invités à soumettre une demande complète. Après l'évaluation des demandes complètes, l'éligibilité des demandeurs pro ...

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EUREKA - Turkey – Spain 4 th Call for Proposals for Joi ...

-36 days

Call description Turkey and Spain are announcing the 4 th Call for Proposals for joint R&D projects, focusing on developing innovative products and applications in all technological and application areas. Applicants are expected to develop ready to market solutions or projects which have strong market potential for Turkey and Spain.  The Turkish National Authority i ...

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Call for proposals to try out innovative strategies to ...

EC - Digital Single Market  
-26 days

1. INTRODUCTION – BACKGROUND This Call for proposals is published under Article 54(2)(b) of the Regulation (EU, Euratom) N°966/2012. The aim of the Preparatory Action "Subtitling European Cultural TV contents across all Europe" is to try out innovative strategies to enhance the circulation of European content throughout Europe. It was in ...

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Call for proposals to develop an online tool enabling t ...

EC - Digital Single Market  
-29 days

INTRODUCTION – BACKGROUND This call for proposals is published under Article 54(2)b of the Regulation (EU, Euratom) N°966/2012. The relevant annual work programme was adopted under Commission Decision C(2016)2411 of the 27th April 2016. Access to an increasing variety of European works has been facilitated on the one hand by digital technologies vi ...

# Last Ideas Proposed

Refilling Retail

Created yesterday

Designing and developing retails (namely supermarkets, groceries) that are automatically able to refill end-user package products (liquids and bulk solid goods). ...

Availability for two H2020 actions (Societal Challenges)

Created 1 days ago

Those actions are: - Business models for modern rural economies (RUR-09-2017). - Integrated approach to process optimization for raw materials resources efficiency, excluding re ...

Interested in a Partnership (Sofia Argyropoulou)

Created 1 days ago

I would like to offer my services and knoledge to partnerships as a freelancer manager and consultant by concluding specific project agreements.

Circular Economy warm-up Biorefining-boosted

Created 1 days ago

Overall, the idea is about developing and implementing a demonstration-scale circular economy model driven by primary sec ...

# Last Partners

Vertech Group

Created yesterday
Vertech Group user picture
Vertech Group General Description VERTECH GROUP is a French SME engineering with business focus on high-tech environmental engineering and innovation business development. Vertech Group aims to create value by supporting and advising private and public organizations in different sectors (recycling, waste, energy, water, etc.), and regions ( Europe, Latin America) to get from research to market. Technical capabilities Life Cycle Thinking Ecodesign Circular Economy Sustainable Communication · Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) · Life Cost Cycle (LCC) · Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) · Bioinspiration · Green chemistry · Biomaterials ·Waste Valorization · Recycle · Reuse · Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) · Dataviz · Green marketing The company is based in Nice, in the French EcoValley, an example of a real sustainable urban environment. Vertech is also present in Spain and has expansion plans to other markets besides Europe ( South America). Vertech is member of the French Life Cycle Assessment Platform (Avnir).   Vertech specific activities in international R&D projects Environmental, social and economic feasibility studies and risk assessments Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) à Environmental impacts determination through the whole life cycle for environmental validation, including: Climate change – GHG emissions, Human toxicity, eco-toxicity, acidification, etc. Life Cost Cycle (LCC) à CAPEX and OPEX definition for economic validation and techno-economic assessments. Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) à socio-economic impacts determination, including: Human rights, Working conditions, Society Health and safety, Governance, Socio-economic repercussions etc. Exploitation of results: innovative products ranking, general and specific market analysis, business strategy and business plans. Innovation management and project coordination       Vertech H2020 and FP7 projects Vertech is very active in R&D projects. Currently, Vertech participates in 12 European R&D projects (seven FP7 projects and five Horizon 2020 projects) in different AREAS: ENERGY, WASTE, WATER, BUILDING and INDUSTRY and MATERIALS. FFW- Fischer-Tropsch fuel production from olive industry waste. GRAIL - Glycerol biorefinery approach for high quality industrial products. WINDUR - Small wind turbine for urban environments. NOSHAN - Sustainable production of functional and safe feed from food waste. CLOSEWEEE - Solutions for Electric and Electronic Equipment:  high-grade plastics recycling and critical raw materials recovery. KARMA2020 - Industrial Feather Waste Valorisation for Sustainable KeRatin based MAterials. WATER4INDIA - Smart, cost-effective solutions for water treatment in India. AQUANES - Combined natural and engineered processes for water treatment. INNOBITE - Transforming urban and agricultural residues into biomaterials for green construction. RESSEEPE- Retrofitting solutions for energy efficiency in public edification. JOIN’EM – Join of copper to aluminum by electromagnetic fields. NANOPACK - Pilot line production of functional polymer nanocomposites for active antimicrobials in food packaging.

Nice, France

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Anca Iliuta

Created yesterday
Anca Iliuta user picture
Self presentation   My name is Anca Iliuta and I am English teacher and Comenius Projects coordinator at Secondary School "Decebal" in have previously worked at Kindergarden Craiova (2009-2011) and Secondary School in Podari (2000-2009) where the main activities and responsibilities focussed on pre-primary teaching as well as working in several Comenius Multilateral partnerships: "Hands on Europe" (2005-2007), "Education aux madias" (2007-2009) and "The Earth is our little green house"(2009-2011) , Roots for thne future (2011) and I play maths (2014-2016).As a member of Comenius/ Erasmus  projects team, I dealt with communication with the other partners and I used my language skills, my creative personality and teaching skills in order to accomplish the tasks and to develop children's interest in knowing the European values. As related to my background education and training I can say that I have a Master diploma in Anglo-American literature and civilization provided by the University of Craiova,Faculty of letters in graduated the Faculty of letters in 2004 and I obtained my Licence diploma in teaching English language and literature -French language and literature with the maximum grade (10/ten). My mother tongue is Romanian but I am a proficient English and French user(C2 and C1 level).I am an experienced translator and interpreter and the Romanian Ministry of Justice licensed me to translate both English and French according to the licence no. 13062 and 21376 Team work: I have worked in various types of teams from Foreign languages research team to Comenius projects team. Mediating skills: I work with young pupils which have adapting problems because they are gypsies and feel rejected by the others and I have recently joined a programme which provides FSE funding in order to help these pupils to attend school. Intercultural skills: I am experienced in working in a European dimension such as being in charge with several tasks and activities in three Comenius Multilateral Projects so far. Organizational skills and competences : I have organised several seminars and conferences such as: International Seminar: “The Wonderful world of Childhood”,2010 International seminar: “Global Modifications-Impresses on Biodiversity”,2008 International Round Table: “Education through Mass-Media”,2009 International Seminar: “Unity in Biodiversity”,2009 Leadership: I am now Comenius Projects team leader and I coordinate the work of a group formed by five teachers in my school. I am competent with most Microsoft Offices. My contacts: e-mail:  

077190, Romania

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# Last Consultants

Vitaly Volodchenko

Created 2 days ago
Vitaly Volodchenko user picture

Active in Youth field since 2012, I have wide experience in writing, implementing and coordinating Erasmus+ projects.

Poltava, Poltavs'ka oblast, Ukraine

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J M Consulting

Created 4 days ago
J M Consulting user results picture

I have 35 years experience of SME development, FDI and strategic reviews.   I work for Enterprise Ireland, the leading agency in Europe for business development.

Dublin, Ireland

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