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Daniel Gardijan

Created today
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The Institute for the Development of Education advocates a system of higher education that ensures equal educational opportunities, adheres to the principle of quality assurance, promotes international cooperation, supports lifelong learning and meets both the needs of individual and society. The Institute for the Development of Education contributes to the development of higher education policy, provides expert support to institutions, connects domestic and international experts and enables individuals in Croatia and the region to achieve their educational goals.


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GAL del Ducato

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Local Action Groups (LAGs) are made up of public and private partners from the rural territory and include representatives from different socio-economic sectors. They are provided by the European Union Regulation for the local management of rural development programmes. Each LAG elaborates both the Local Development Strategy (LDS) and the Local Action Plan (LAP) for the areas in which it operates and it receives financial assistance to implement LDS by awarding grants to local projects. They are selected by the Managing Authority responsible for the management of the programme at local level. The Local Action Group del Ducato is a not for profit organization (not performing economic activities on the market and public equivalent body) established in May 2015 with the aim to promote the economic development of Parma and Piacenza territories (Emilia-Romagna Region, North of Italy), acting both as Local Development Agency and Local Action Group according to the LEADER and Community-led local development approaches. The LAG gathers together 31 local partner organizations both public and private in the area (), including 59 Municipalities in the two Provinces (), for a total of over inhabitants and a surface of ,91 square kilometers. The LDS del Ducato has been approved by the Managing Authority (Emilia-Romagna Regional Government) with the Resolution no. 926 26/01/2016 according to the arts. 34 and 35 of Reg. (EU) No . 1303/2013. The first months of operation in 2015 of LAG del Ducato (GdD) were almost totally devoted to the preparation of the LDS first and the LAP at a later time, according to the EU Reg. 1303/2013 and the consistent MA rules (Emilia-Romagna Rural Development Programme 2014-2020). For more information on our Strategy please visit the following link (). In order to fulfill an efficient action as Local Development Agency the GAL del Dutato has appointed 5 staff members following to a public selection procedure. Three of them have more than 20 years of experience on the Leader Programme (since the first programming period) implementation in the territory, several EU programmes and co-financed projects, gained in other organizations, notably in the field of coordination, management and participation to a number of EU projects and more in general in the field of territorial development and cooperation, and also as consultants, advisors and lecturers in EU policies and programmes. The staff members can count on a broad experience in networking, international relations and EU cooperation, also directly with EU main Institutions and Agencies; all of them may easily communicate and work in English and other EU official languages; they are capable to work in a multicultural environment, and pursue a bottom-up approach with a strong involvement of local communities including a permanent activities of listening the needs of the territories they serve. The GAL del Ducato adopts a strict managerial system compliant with the EU Reg. 966/2012 and the ESI Funds, including public procurement procedures having to deal on a daily base with EU funds for rural development.

Parma, Province of Parma, Italy

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4obs Consulting

Created today
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  1. Business Consulting

Our company 4obs Consulting having humanistic culture, is focusing on achieving goals on behalf of their clients, utilizing sources of growth, investment and financing and managing the most of your business evolution by applying innovative "tools" and dynamic methodological approaches.
In this context, 4obs Consulting provide expert advisory services (sub) support to find new funding opportunities, holding on to most of European and national support programs and investments aiming the development of the entrepreneur, the development of the business itself and employees with a vision to improve the position of the Greek market in the operational process.
The Services of 4obs Consulting are:

  • Development, Management and Implementing Business Plans.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Project Management- Technical Support\\Consulting.
  • Conducting and Implementing Business Plans in the context of NSRF 2014-2020 and management of the projects until their completion.
  • Submitting and implementing Research national and European programs, supervision and management during implementation and until completion.
  • Create, develop and implement innovative ideas and solutions.
    1.  National\\European Projects

European Projects submitted and managed by our company:

  • Erasmus+
  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
  • EaSI
  • Europe for Citizens
  • Creative Europe
  • Interreg
  • CLLD (LEADER) 2014-2020
  • LIFE 2014-2020
  • Horizon 2020

National Projects submitted and managed by our company:

  • Operational programs in which we participate, we design and implement all stages, from the participation of your business up to the end of the administration of that program:
  • Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Competitiveness Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Reforming Public Sector
  • Technical Assistance
  • Regional Operational Programs
  • Integrated Territorial Investments
  • Local Development Initiative with Local Communities (TAPTK)
  • National Investment Law
  • Financing Tools
  • Entrepreneurship Fund (TEPICH)
  • Credit Guarantee Fund (TEPICH)
  • Jeremie
  • Jessica
  • Ελενα
    1. Investment Programs

Our company 4obs Consulting shall prepare all necessary studies, preparing supporting documentation and submitted to the competent authorities for inclusion of investment projects in subsidized programs. We also undertake the implementation of investment projects to their completion. Specifically we manage:

  • Preparing\\Implement\\Management of Business Plans.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Sustainability studies.
  • Project Management- Consulting.
    1. Development\\Business Restructuring

The new business environment will bring a new balance in the market of products and services. The successful adaptation of businesses in the new data will determine the sustainability and development. Our company provides services to the real needs of each company adapted to the new conditions, enabling it to operate more efficiently for its benefit.
More specifically, our company 4obs Consulting provides the following services:
* Business Plan.

* Marketing Plan.

* Design & promotion of products and services in the international market.


  1. Human Resources Training & Development

The increasing changes in socio-economic level and the changing conditions in the technological and scientific field that directly affect the labor market, make more urgent the need for lifelong education and training of human resources. The benefits resulting from the continuing education of employees, both for the company and for the employee are immediate and medium term.
Our company 4obs Consulting provides quality services and integrated solutions to the consolidation of the employees in the labor market aiming the improvement of their professional position. 4obs Consulting aims at providing knowledge and building capacity and skills of human resources of a company that will enable them to successfully meet modern requirements and strategic business goals effectiveness in the modern competition and pluralism of the knowledge society.

4obs Consulting attempts to organize and coordinate targeted in-house training programs on behalf of the entrepreneur in order the SME’s meet with innovation and efficiency in modern competition and pluralism of the knowledge society.

The categories of education and training programs offered by the company are:

  • Self- funded training programs.
  • Manpower Employment Organization funded Training programs.
  • Co- funded training programs (NSRF 2014-2020).
  • Curriculum development\\ educational material editor.

4obs Consulting having as strategic partner the Centre for Lifelong Learning University of Thessaly participates in planning, organizing, coordinating and evaluating education and training programs offering at local and regional level:

* Training needs assessment.

* Designing training programs according to business needs.

* Implementing training programs (in- company training\\ in educational structures training).

* Evaluating the process of in-company training as:

[Training of employees à personal and professional growth à business development] up to a year after the completion of training programs.

* Trainers with high professional skills.

  • Providing high quality educational material.

* Provides indirect business returns and future collaborations (on the job training for unemployed\\ funded employment programs)



  1. Accounting services\\ Financial Management

4obs Consulting offers high quality services for all kinds of businesses, professionals and individuals focusing on quality, efficiency and the partner and his needs.

Our knowledge of market level, combined with the continuous upgrading and updating information because of ongoing reforms, changes and restructuring of the tax and labor field are a guarantee for the organization and effective management of your accounting and financial affairs.
Our goal is to keep our partners informed about the opportunities and potential for business growth and to reduce tax liability. Examples follow the basic services provided by our company, which can also be specialized according to the needs of each client.

Strategic Advantage

4obs Consulting focuses on quality of service is based upon and develop the triangulation of its services. Multilevel services offer not only benefits of our own but to our partners also, as it provides direct and indirect profits, such as:

  1. One (1) partner\\ three (3) services
  2. Time saving
  3. Saving costs
  4. Direct communication\\ face to face
  5. Minimize errors and omissions \\ independent variables
  6. Accurate information on multiple levels
  7. Trust relations
  8. Network Partnerships
  9. Increased quality of service
  10. Company Development\\ Productive benefits

Larissa 412 21, Greece

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Can Okman

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linkedin profile: can-okman-12b030a

Remzi Oğuz Arık, 06680 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

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