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EU SME Centre in China


1. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND 1.1. Introduction Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) play a crucial role in reaching the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy1. Whereas they are considered as crucial engines for growth and job creation, their competitiveness is affected by a limited exploitation of international opportunities and innovation prospects in the Single Market and beyond. ...
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Deadline Apr 2, 2020   - 43 days
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Horizon Impact Award

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The uptake of R&I results created under the Framework Programme is important for the programme’s success and is instrumental in contributing towards transformative impacts on the economy, society and policymaking. To illustrate the wider socio-economic benefits of the EU investment in R&I and to encourage project beneficiaries to best manage and utilise their research results, the Commission aw ...
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Deadline Apr 2, 2020   - 42 days