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Irina-Elena Ciobotaru user results picture
Environmental engineering with focus on water and wastewater treatment by conventional and advanced methods. Interested also in biological and environmental microbiological aspects.

Bucharest, Romania

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Tasos Mouratidis

6 hours ago
Tasos Mouratidis user results picture
University Professor Research, ScientificCooperation i4Df Innovation in Transport Infrastructure All Europe, Balkans


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Esra Tahmaz

12 days ago
Esra Tahmaz user results picture

Assistant Professor at Okan University, Human Resources Professional, Organization Development Certified Consultant

İstanbul, Türkiye

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Pablo Marina

14 days ago
Pablo Marina user picture

I'm a freelance consultant based in Spain, with a main focus on Pharma and Healthcare. During my career, both in consulting and in the Pharma/Biotech industry, I have led many innovative and impactful projects in the field, all over Europe (Spain, Portugal, UK, Switzerland, Austria). 

I'm focusing on calls in my area of expertise (Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare). My goal is to find projects where I can provide help and value, be it innovative creativity, project management, industry knowledge, company and product launch, or any other area in the Pharma/Biotech industry and Healthcare services.

Sevilla, España

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