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Pablo Bozzola

5 hours ago
Pablo Bozzola user results picture
Pharmacist specialized in herbal medicine Currently studying bachelor's degree in education Dedicated to integrative medicine ; Teaching courses to colleagues on complementary integrative ;   

Burzaco, Argentina

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Inge Overbeek

8 hours ago
Inge Overbeek user results picture
international exchanges with our students. Intercultural competence is important for students in the current society. Whilst most of our students don't travel a lot this competence should be improved.

Utrecht, Netherlands

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Mad Liberty SRL user picture

I have an experience of over 15 years in monitoring and evaluation of ENPI and ENI CBC projects/programmes. I was involved in all the stages of project developement, respectively: launching of calls for proposals, drafting project proposals, evaluating project proposals, contracting selected project proposals, monitoring during implementation, ex-post monitoring and evaluation.

During 2006 - 2020 as an employee of Regional Office for Cross Border Cooperation Suceava I have ensured:

• Monitoring of the projects implementation and assistance provided to beneficiaries (verification of reports, payment requests, requests for additional documents, training and field visits, etc.), as project manager (2006-2010).

• Coordination of the contracting and monitoring activities within the Joint ENPI CBC Romania - Ukraine - Republic of Moldova 2007-2013  Programme and ENI CBC Romania - Ukraine 2014 - 2020 Programme, as Monitoring and Implementation Coordinator (2010-2020).

Between June and December 2018, I worked as evaluator within the ENIC CBC HUSKROUA 2014-2020 Programme, where I have assessed 10 project proposals.

Currently, I work as a consultant within SC MAD LIBERTY SRL and I am responsible with monitoring and avaluation of several projects under ERDF and CBC programmes. As project in progress, I may add the evaluation of project implementation for a large scale project (strategic project) within the ENI CBC Romania  - Republic of Moldova Programme, namely SMURD 2.

I am following any call concerning the monitoring and evaluation of CBC, Intereg and/or transnational programmes and projects.

Suceava, Romania

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Catalina Nicolin user results picture

My name is Catalina Nicolin, I am teacher of French and MA in ICT in Education.

I have worked as tutor online to universities, and also as inspector in the Ministry of Education, in Teachers Training area.

I am experienced in assessing, monitoring, consulting and evaluation of a training programme. I am experienced in providing training online, and also consulting in the ;

I have worked in creation of Teachers Continuous Training Standards for Romanian Education and also I am a pioneer of creating ICT Standards for teachers students and lessons in Modern Languages.

I am a good researcher, documentarist and translator (I know French, English, Italian, Spanish).

Bucharest, Romania

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