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Francesca Messi

17 hours ago
Francesca Messi user picture
I'm a sport psychologist and ski teacher. As sport psychologist, I'm working with athlets of various sport like cyclism, basketball, ski and ; I make different projects in sport too. One of this is a coaching project for Slovenian minority basketball player in Italy.    


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Center for Education and Innovative Learning - STEMLab user picture
The Center for Education and Innovative Learning - STEMLab brings on board engineers, physicists, mathematicians, designers and psychologists of all levels of education. It has designed a long-term education plan based on the most advanced programs and the use of innovative technologies and concepts for education, such as: coding, drones, 3d printing, augmented and virtual reality, makerspace, data science,... Our activities are focused on: Providing the existing space "InnoLab" with equipments for sustainable and creative education. Support and training of primary and secondary school students for STEM profiles. Training of primary school staff and bachelor students for application of technologies and STEM education approach. STEMLab has a year of life and we have not yet had time to follow the calls or to establish cooperation links.  

Tetovo, North Macedonia

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Andre Panzavolta user picture

I'm a freelance/consultant responsible for planning and managing urban participatory projects. He is a planner of participatory processes, communication processes, knowledge base, decision making for defining plans of the territory through the inclusion of contributions from citizens and stakeholders. I promotes and facilitates complex and integrated processes: planning, projects, decision making, evaluation and communication process. My professional background it’s oriented towards child inclusion in participatory practises and participatory budgeting.

I like to use a lot of different approaches and techniques for facilitating participatory planning, communication as: Open Space Technology, European Awareness Scenario Workshop, Consensus Building, Focus Groups, interview, questionnaires, catchwords, Appreciative Inquiry, Search Conference, world cafè, maieutic questions, etc.

From 2019 i'm a member of the International Association of Facilitators - Certificate Number:

Personal Skills
Urban policy help me to approach both technical and social sciences. As a free lance i learned to evaluate complex situations, to understand results, weakness and strenghts. So i'm able to provide feedback, elaborate them and use brain storming to make suggestions for do better in the future. During the years i improve training methods as a coach and a team supporter. I like to prepare frameworks and to share it in group with other experts, and at the same to write project reports. I'm able to manage the technical and financial aspects of projects. I like to make grow common ideas, about new policy and new manners to dissemination purposes.

Public conflicts mediation, private conflicts mediation, mediation in work place, administrations communication service, team building, coaching, social communication expertise, Agile.

Modena, Italia

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Our Company (brand name as EuroConnect Greece) is consulting for over 20 years Greek Public and Private Bodies, especially Greek Municipalities, in every Economical – Managerial – Administrative issues. It is also consulting municipalities in EU Issues and Funding Programs and represents them in Brussels with its office there. With the strong relationships of trust and appreciation with our clients, we can connect municipalities and universities to consortiums and guide them succeed to every EU program.

Metamorfosi, Greece

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