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Izmir Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects user results picture
İzmir Governorship Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects is a Provincial Directorate established to ensure that security policies and socio-economic policies are carried out in harmony with the "Law on the Organization and Duties of the Under-secretariat of Public Order and Security" dated 17.02.2010 and numbered 5952. Since our duties include conducting projects and research, contributing to their implementation and supporting scientific studies in this field, we have developed and implemented many different projects locally.

İzmir, Turkey

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Fekete Anikó

6 hours ago
Fekete Anikó user picture
I am a student of MATE. My current studies are rural development agricultural engineer and I am looking for data and information for presentations and thesis.

Horgoš, Serbia

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Enrico Maria Andreini user picture

Italian national and citizen with over 20 years experience in the world of fisheries. Currently working as a Senior Program Manager for an ENICBCBMED funded project called FISHMEDNET. 

Amelia, Italy

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Francesca Flosi

12 days ago
Francesca Flosi user results picture

PM consultant collaborating with LIMEUP  a social enterprise founded by european project managers and fundraisers in order to combine expertise in the european projects design with attention to the local identity, environmental protection and sustainable development. 

Lucca, Italy

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