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Xavier Gil

Created today
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Located in Barcelona. MA Student in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Specialized in medical translation and videogame localization.

Barcelona, Spain

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Melininda Cody

Created yesterday
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Music Education and Outreach - Development of innovative music education exercises, combining spontaneity and rigor, inspired by Montessor, Rudoplh Steiner and Buddhism's beginner's Mind.  The Gonzervatory is in it's second year - Outreach via music professionalism training to urban youth in need of guidance and careers to create a productive life in their own countries

24 cour des petites ecuries 75010 paris

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Angeles Ruiz Monteagudo

Created 3 days ago
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Angeles Ruiz

Cultural Heritage and Social History with more than 12 years of expertise in Oral memory projects and industrial Heritage.

Calle Virgen de la Salud, 6, 21340 Alájar, Huelva, Spain

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Hodos Consulting SRL

Created 5 days ago
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I’m an experienced executive, international markets strategist and adviser with almost 15 years experience in a multicultural environment (3 continents). My expertise is mainly on Telco & ITC sales, business development and management. Also, I've achieved substantial experience working in/for the public sector, like urban development advisor. Overall, I've used all these opportunities to develop my social skills, get cross-cultural experience and gain a global overview, during my international & national experience.

Bulevardul I. C. Brătianu 24, Pitești 110004, Romania

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