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Mustafa Alp

Created yesterday
Mustafa Alp user results picture
I am a music teacher from Bursa, Turkey. I have been working in Bursa Girls High School for 5 years. We have The Only Girls Marching Band in Turkey, with 45 studens. We also have pop/rock orchestra with 10 ; Even we have good musical facilities, we are already a public school that has all scientific courses. We are also assigned as project school who responsible to make KA1 - KA2 projects. So, we are open all project titles.

16370 Osmangazi/Bursa, Turkey

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She Matters

Created yesterday
She Matters user picture
She Matters is a social enterprise recruitment agency with a mission to empower female newcomers to enter the labour market. She Matters was founded by Christina Moreno, an international lawyer who overcame poverty as a teenage mother and whose life mission is to empower female newcomers to take control of their lives. Our talented and dedicated team includes HR professionals, psycho-social therapists, experts in gender and migration law, labour market consultants and ; Our message to female newcomers: We see you. We provide flexible support throughout your employment journey. Inspired by women and mothers, our mission is to provide you with the support to build your social and economic capital, boost your self-confidence, and become leaders in your homes, businesses and communities. Our 12-week Lotus Flower Programme is created to help you to successfully (re‑)enter the labour market. This includes providing support on your employment journey, starting with: A paid part-time traineeship; Weekly workshops on hard and soft skills; Emotional and psycho-social support; Coaching and mentoring; Networking opportunities;  And most importantly, friendship and sisterhood. Calls: Education and youth; Employment, social affairs, and inclusion; Europe, EU programmes, and funding; Justice, home affairs, and citizens rights; Law; Policy and international cooperation. Cooperation activity: Local and transnational

3032 Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Innova Finance

Created 2 days ago
Innova Finance user results picture

We are a consultant enterprise.

Our activities are Researching, monitoring and following the opportunity of Horizon programme, National Programme and Regional Programme combined.

We offer a full process of Research, project, write, monitoring and terminal phase of every kind of project.

In this moment we are following at least 450 Clients for an amount of 1200 national projects.

Personally i'm following the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme, for the call of Child Rights.

Via Guelfa 5, Bologna

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Business Teorema

Created 4 days ago
Business Teorema user picture

We are a team of young consultants from Bucharest. Interested in writing and implementing WOW projects. We have written projects for SMEs and usually collaborate with young entrepreneurs.

Bucharest, Romania

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