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Zavod Bob

: Aug 29, 2016

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About Zavod Bob

Youth center Zavod Bob (Bob Association) is active in the field of youth work aiming to provide the terms for successful development of youth autonomy, promotion of the importance of informal/non formal education and work practice, encouragement of cultural activities and social entrepreneurship and to increase of active participation of youth in the society. We are committed to enhance competencies of youth for responsible social behavior and active citizenship. We received a Slovenian state award in 2015 for our contribution in development of youth sector. We are creating innovative approaches to offer a platform for personal and professional growth of youth, overall support with social (re)integration, creative expression, and offer possibilities for the participants to achieve self-realization. The target groups of participants for different programs are youth in general, youth interested in youth work and unprivileged, marginalized, fewer opportunities youth.

Our current programs


•    Programs for development of social capital and labor market competencies:
     o     PLYA – Project Learning for Young Adults is an informal learning program for empowerment of young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter formal education system again, to develop a career identity or to find a job.
     o    PDCAE – Program for Developing Competences for Autonomous Employment is a program for gaining the informal education, that offers a development of career opportunities for youth with lesser possibilities. It is strengthening their competences to enter the labor market, raising their awareness of the importance of social participation and connecting personal interests with career orientation. The main objective of the program is to actually implement project ideas.
     o    TimLab is a program that offers professional mentorship to youth organizations and informal groups of youth for project planning and realization of project ideas.
     o    Bob association plays a role of the coordinator in Youth Center ULCA and offers informational and counseling service there.

•    Field work and development of the field work programs:
     o    Bob association is a member and coordinator of NGO network Mreža Mlada ulica and offers other organizations support with implementation of youth street work into their programs. It also organizes trainings for youth street workers.
     o    Bob Geto is a program of youth street work that offers support to disadvantaged youth to be able to face their problems and difficulties.
     o    Tobalko Vila is a peer to peer support scheme program of preventive street youth work that raises awareness about negative effect of alcohol, tobacco and drug consumption.
     o    ČlovekiINJE is a part of wider campaign by Ljubljana municipality. The campaign is focused on prevention and decrease of vandalism acts.

•    Social inclusion programs:
     o    Livada Lab is a program of shared use of urban green spaces where different activities are being held. The space is run by local youth but is available for all the interested local population so it is also a space that connects locals and engages them in common activities that lead to intergenerational connection, knowledge and experiences sharing and mutual solidarity.  

•    Cultural activism:
    o    NEXTival is a festival of youth production. It offers possibility for introduction of their cultural/art/creative production, projects, services and products. The goals are public and media coverage of youth activities, enrichment of youth culture, influence the public image of youth as active society members, development of creativity and entrepreneurship amongst youth, build a platform for networking of youth and private sector.
    o    All or Nothing at All is a program aimed at social change trough cultural activism. It is encouraging political participation of youth with involvement in unconventional political practices. It uses mainly the techniques of the Theatre of the Oppressed to empower the youth, give them the voice and raise their social activity.

•    Networking:
We are cooperating with governmental organizations, NGO-s and private sector and are a part of few NGO’s networks. It is important for us to network so we can share examples of good practices, create joined projects and work towards improvement of youth work and also be a part of decision making processes on the topics concerning youth sector.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Innovation
 Education and Training
 Youth Exchanges
 European Voluntary Services
 Lifelong Learning
 Youth Workers
 Performing Arts
 Europe for Citizens

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