Shahrazad Aboulossoud

: Jun 19, 2020

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Since 2016 Showdesk has been working in promotion of art and emerging culture by involving people with social difficulties. In particular, its main objective is to involve young NEET (Neither in Employment nor in Education or Training) in informal educational paths in which they can acquire transversal skills and motivation for their insertion into society and help them to find a job. Through voluntary activities and training, the association is trying to build a bridge between the world of work and the younger generation by using artistic and cultural field to improve the social condition of disadvantaged people. The intention is to support people experiencing disadvantaged situation where the discomfort is mistrust in society and feeling of inadequacy. The primary purpose of Show desk association is to actively involve younger generation to enhance self-motivation and social awareness of their capacity in order to contrast the state of suffering which they seem to live.

We're developing specific devices to the communication empowerment and dissemination of projects throught adapting solution required. As a partner we can improve visual identity and design a better solution to improve the communication strategy. We can create useful tools to improve the visual impact of the project, and we can help to achieve the main goal. We can increase the audience thanks to multimedia material. We are following the partners in several activities such as research, elaboration and video editing of cultural contents we are also supportive in the publication and production.

We can transform your results in visible products

We can increase visual impact of your projects

We can apply the best visual design to your ideas.


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 European Voluntary Services
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 Cultural Management
 Digital Culture
 Performing Arts
 Creative Europe
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