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Renee Wansdronk

: Apr 11, 2016

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Wansdronk is an architect, engineer and SME company innovating its Emporium plan. The Emporium plan is a building concept for zero-energy or solar energy buildings that use energy and materials economically. This construction can provide the climatic facilities for housing living bodies. A warm water storage container and collectors provide the space heating and hot water supply, and a cold water storage container and collectors deliver the space cooling and cooling source for the refrigerator. The water circulates without pumps; instead it uses thermosiphon, and therefore requires no high-grade energy such as electricity or fuel. A lightweight construction supports the water storage containers. This mass of water also replaces the hot and cold accumulating capacity of the building mass. The building concept is suitable for free-standing, connected, or high-rise home and utility buildings in all climate zones. The technical feasibility has been proved and confirmed. The economic feasibility is characterized by zero-emission, biodiversity, safety, health, comfort and lifelong durability.

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