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REinforcement of Developing Initiatives in Rural Environment (REDIRE)

: Aug 8, 2019

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REDIRE is  a Rwanda  organization   based  and working  in Nyamasheke district with the focus on developing innovative strategies for Rural communities, youth and young women involvement and participation.

REDIRE Organization is working to establish  an expansive network of youth and young women groups, cooperatives, clubs and associations. It has realized various formal and informal trainings and workshops besides establishing an alliance of stakeholders who work with and for the youth :   Nyamasheke district, Ministry of youth among others. The Organization also plan to   works with  schools in different parts of the district on food security, violence against women and girls issues and  Environment  protection, it has supported 3 groups includes a young mothers groups setup an income generating activity which include vegetables  farming and duck  keeping. The organization is working to develop concepts of youth / young women and community engagement, in order to develop financial systems that will support youth / young women's projects to meet their development needs.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Rural Development
 Capacity Building
 Health Care
 Environmental protection
 Gender Equality
 Youth Exchanges
 Culture and Development
 Human Rights

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