Pietro Picuno

: Jan 31, 2021

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About Me

P. Picuno is Professor of Farm Buildings and Rural Land at the University of Basilicata (Italy). He is working on: -) Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering- Farm buildings structures and equipment. Rural land survey and planning. Vernacular farm buildings. -) Civil and Environmental Engineering- Greenhouse structures and technology. Plastic material. Agricultural plastics recycling. Biodegradable films. -) Ecological Engineering- Rural landscape analysis. Sustainable planning of agro-based value chains. He is Author of more than 180 scientific publications and of the entry on: “Polymers in Crop Protection” of the “Encyclopedia of Polymer Applications” (Taylor & Francis, 2018). He is Academic Senator of the University of Basilicata and Chairman of the CIGR Working Group on: “Rural Development and Preservation of Cultural Heritage”.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Natural Resources
 Environmental protection
 Construction Technology
 LIFE programme

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