Paola Barato

: Jan 25, 2020

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About Me

We are CORPAVET and MOLECULARVET. CORPAVET is a non-profit organization to research and train people in animal health and veterinary anatomic pathology. MOLECULARVET is a startup company which offer services of diagnostic in molecular biology, anatomic pathology and bacteriology. We are working with farmers, academia and goverment to early detection of diseases in aquaculture, swine and poultry industry. Also, with animal models to research human diseases. We are interested to calls related with animal health, epidemiology and ecological approximation to health, one health. We have experience to harmonize goverment, industry and academic stakeholders efforts to research about main animal health problems and to implement strategies in the field to reduce the impact of diseases.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Animal Health and Welfare
 Genetic Resources
 Rural Development
 Social Farming

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