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Marta Solórzano García

: Jun 15, 2019

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About Me

Marta Solórzano García is a Professor of Business Administration in the Organisation Studies Department at UNED Business School. She currently teaches the second year Entrepreneurial Organisation course and in previous years has taught the fourth year Strategic Management. She is the director of the Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Postgraduate Program. She also teaches in the doctoral program and in executive education offerings.

Her research focuses on organizational design and change, social entrepreneurship, social enterprise and social impact. Specifically she is interested in studying how alternative models of business organising can create better living conditions and life quality for their workers and society at large. Professor Solórzano research aims to elucidate if ethical management and participatory governance generate a positive social and economic impact for people and the environment. To do so, she has focused her research on one specific business form that a priori complies with the two requirements by examining the social enterprise and how it is understood and being developed in Spain and the use of social impact tools to evaluate and monitor organizational performance. Her analysis has led to the recognition of different models of social enterprise in Spain depending on the socio-economic reality it is studied from, with continuities and ;

Professor Solórzano has participated in several research projects with the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, with the Ministry of Employment and Immigration, the Department of Finance and Public Administration and several European projects.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Social Innovation
 Sustainable Development
 Development and Cooperation
 Education and Training
 Higher Education
 Lifelong Learning
 Culture and Development
 Business Management

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