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Latvijas Memoriālo Pakalpojumu Informatīvais Dienests Ltd

: Feb 26, 2018

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We Memorial Services - ("Latvijas Memoriālo Pakalpojumu Informatīvais
Dienests SIA") propose an innovative approach to digitize and unite all
of the memorial services sphere in the EU in one platform that provides
a transparency and ease of assessment of the market that was lacking in
this field in particular. The chosen business model has shown its
viability and steady growth rate on the Latvian market
(;[1]), while also improving insufficient b2c and
b2b communication in the sphere. We see our platform as an ultimate IT
product that will help to solve all of the existing memorial service
field problems, that stem from the fragmentation of the market and lack
of sufficient information on those topics. One day we are hoping to
provide a full and completely up-to-date business directory of all the
memorial services and related goods among other relevant features in any
given EU country by expanding to new markets.
 We ("Latvijas Memoriālo Pakalpojumu Informatīvais Dienests SIA") are
willing to build a strong and experienced consortium to complement our
project team for proposals like “SME instrument” stage 2 and “RIA
action” and are looking for possible collaboration partners (in fields
of research and marketology among others) to establish flourishing and
mutually beneficial relationships to efficiently achieve our goals.

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 Horizon Europe

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