Jochen G. Schneider

: Apr 4, 2016

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Prof .Dr. med. Jochen G. Schneider is the head of the Translational Medicine group at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB). The LCSB aims to accelerate biomedical research in Luxembourg by projects emphasizing cellular and animal models of physiology and disease pathophysiology. The Translational Medicine group focuses on clinical translational research to contribute to the scientific development for translation of high throughput methodologies into clinic, with focus on  metabolic and inflammatory diseases

The focus of the institute relies on bioinformatics science with the aim to perform systems biomedicine. Thus, sophisticated analyses with big data are being conducted by experienced bioinformatics experts. We do provide data acquisitation methods, data hosting (RedCap), data warehouses, websites for data sharing etc.

We have published on family genomics and possess an in house meatbolomics platform. 


       The fundamental basic research objective followed by the Translational Medicine group is on the role of the adhesion molecule β3 integrin in health and disease. This project framework has obtained funding from the German Research foundation (DFG 682/3-1), the FNR (CORE Itgb3 VascIn) and the European Union (CIG 303682). So far the role of β3 integrin in macrophages, smooth muscle cells of the aorta and endothelial cells is being investigated with regards to systemic inflammation, atherosclerosis and hypothalamic inflammation. Dr. Schneider has made major contributions to the scientific progress in metabolic and vascular diseases by publications in ATVB, JBC and the JCI, the generation of two mouse models (Jax strain 08819, and “floxed” β3 integrin, FASEB 2010) and a patent application for the use of chloroquine in the metabolic syndrome (WHO2007059372A2). Moreover, Dr. Schneider is about to extend the β3 integrin-related mouse models by the generation of a tissue-specific overexpressor mouse model (together with Dr. Haruhiko Koseki at the RIKEN institute at Yokohama, Japan; funded by CIG303682).

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 Medical Biotechnology

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