Jakub Langr

: Jan 25, 2021

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About Me

Creation Labs is a young SME building safer, more fuel efficient Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) for truckers. Creation Labs was founded by two technical founders—Jakub Langr and Dr. James Hennessey. Our vision is to eventually allow for autonomous trucks within defined areas, but we would always leave the last mile delivery to humans.
We have already built a prototype in a personal car and a Light Goods Vehicle. We have built commercial partnerships with several European companies such as Dachser, Ferguson Transport and OK Trans Praha as well as several smaller SMEs that provide transportation services all over the EU.
Our founders are seasoned entrepreneurs (both alumni of the prestigious Entrepreneur First) and have worked as machine learning experts in well-known companies (Mudano acquired by Accenture, Disney Research, Adobe, Pearson). We hold PhDs/advanced degrees from leading institutions (UCL, Oxford).
Despite being a young company, we are already backed by leading American investors ( early investors into AirBnB, Cruise, Dropbox). Our existing product line of simulation products for autonomous vehicle testing and development is already generating revenue with clients such as Vivacity Labs and Xihelm as well as backing by the European Data Incubator.

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 Sustainable Transport
 Artificial Intelligence

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