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Institute Simetris

: Feb 27, 2019

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The Simetris Institute is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) that promotes knowledge and education in the fields of science, mathematics and technology. The institute has many years of experience in working with children (preschool children, primary school students), young people, educators, teachers and other stakeholders. For eight years, since 2018, within its own community center "Blue Workshop" and outside, it has organized and implemented a number of workshops (themes: science, robotics, programming, mathematics), where  working with  children aply the principle " learning by doing  The institute is very well integrated into the local community and wider, also international environment It has established good cooperation with numerous subjects from this environment - companies, local communities, educational and other support institutions, NGOs, local people, etc. Therefor it has a lot  of experience in the successful development and implementation of educational programs, as well as quality modern teaching materials for the teaching STEM. The institute is a reliable partner. Past experience and achievements, its integration into the local (and broader) environment and good cooperation with many stakeholders in this environment shows this. . In this regard, the Institute wants to acquire new skills and contribute its expertise and knowledge in the field of STEM also within EU projects (eg Horison 2020, Erasmus +, etc.). For the execution of thoise projects  the Institute has all the necessary resources (personnel, equipment, premises).

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