Geostrategic Intelligence Group (GIG)

: Jul 9, 2018

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Geostrategic Intelligence Group (GIG) is a global risk and private intelligence consultancy and research organisation specialising in helping public and private organisations identify, analyse and mitigate political and security risks. It was founded on the premise that the global security environment is undergoing considerable change, and that there is a pertinent need for both public and private sector organisations to rapidly adapt to this changing strategic risk ;

Applying geostrategic analysis is central to our work. We take particular pride in our methods and broad in-depth knowledge of global security phenomenon and geostrategic trends. Our premise is that whilst country risks are important for organisations operating in the global environment, they also need a better understanding of interstate and thematic trends and risks, in order to truly grasp the complexities in their strategic operating environment and the risks and opportunities associated with ;

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