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: May 2, 2016

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In Vitro Toxicology, different biological test systems (primary cell cultures of human and animal origin, immortal and transgenic cell lines, co-culture systems, precision-cut liver and lung slices), different in vitro exposure conditions (liquid or soluble test substances, particulate substances in suspensions, airborne test substances as gases, aerosols, and particles) in the patented culturing and exposure system PRIT-ALI. In vitro ADME, CYP450 Characterization, OECD Guideline studies, GLP certification

Genotoxicity: Comet-assays, Micronucleus-assays, Chromosomal abberation assay

Functional Assays: Cytotoxicity, Oxidative Stress, Apoptosis/Senescence, Inflammation, DNA-damage/repair, Cell Cycle Analysis, Particle uptake, Transport studies

Analysis of molecular mechanism of action: Gene expression analysis, Toxicity signature and pathway-specific analysis (real-time RTqPCR based arrays), Transcriptom-wide gene expression analysis (Affymetrix-Microarrays), Epigenetics

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 Health Care
 Nanotechnology and Nanosciences

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