: May 31, 2021

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Interested in sustainability issues since the mid 80's, first in sustainable agriculture, later from a science perspective, going deeper into the ecology of agricultural systems, and from there to design, specifically to landscape architecture, with a focus in landscape ecology in urban and rural ; Since 2007 director of estudioOCA, working internationally and experience in the US, Europe and ; Since 2011 estudioOCA has been focusing on sustainable design type of projects, in particular on climate change mitigation projects, as well as providing a pragmatic approach to support decision making by local leaders, and stakeholder buy-in to flood and drought ; please contact ignacio ortinez, estudioOCA director at:  ignacio(at)estudiooca(dot)com

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 International Cooperation
 Development and Cooperation
 Urban Development
 Earth Sciences
 Education and Training
 Civil Engineering
 Technical Writing

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