: Feb 11, 2018

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EDUNET” Organization,   a Romanian  NGO aiming  to provide services and resources for promoting lifelong education, for supporting  professional education, education for active citizenship and for lasting development.

EDUNET develops offers of  formal, non-formal and informal learning: activities of vocational education and  training; solutions of learning foreign languages and  developing the digital competences; activities of supporting the adults for achieving the abilities and competences necessary to personal development and for professional integration and active citizenship.

Since  2011, EDUNET has  two    vocational  nursing  schools, authorized by Romanian Ministry of Education and  is authorized by  Romanian Ministry of Education  and Ministry of the Work  as adult professional training provider for  foreign languages as well as for professional qualification  of  Elderly Caregivers in Home .

Eduent also provide  support of  other  school  and educational organizations   for  European cooperation, quality training and  smooth  transition from school  to active life.

Since 2008, EDUNET developed many European  educational projects, as  promoter or partner and  supported the implementation or the European  projects for other organizations.

Together with Middlesex University of London, EDUNET  was the  promoter of the initiative of  developing  a European Model for  inter-cultural education  of nurses, the  PPT / IENE model ) , starting with the  LLP Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project, IENE1  "Intercultural Education of Nurses and medical staff in Europe"  (2008-2010), continued with the Leonardo TOI project, IENE2(2010-2012), Leonardo- Partnerships for Learning project project, IENE 3 "Tools for intecultutal education of nurses in Europe" (2013-2015) , Erasmus + VET Strategic Partnership projects , IENE 4"Strengthening the nurses and health care professionals' capacity to Deliver culturally compassionate care " ,  IENE 5   "Training health care teams in intercultural communication and patient safety " and IENE 6 "Contemporary large migration waves into Europe: Enabling health workers to provide psychological support to migrants and refugees and develop strategies for dealing with their own emotional needs" , coordinated by Middlesex University in London   and  IENE 7”   Improving communication,  intercultural and social skills for foreigners  and migrants who work as caregivers of elderly people in Europe” , started in September 2017, which is coordinated by EDUNET.

Some  implemented projects addressed  the social cohesion, fighting  the  social exclusion, increasing the access to education and development of  vulnerable groups, migrants, people from disadvantaged areas and from the rural area like : Promoting migrants’ participation,  Empowering Marginalized Elders,  Ageing Well, and   DSSD: digital skills for seniors and disabled "Improving digital skills of European citizens seniors and disabled: a work program", Contemporary large migration waves into Europe: Enabling health workers to provide psychological support to migrants and refugees and develop strategies for dealing with their own emotional needs.


In 2015-2017 , Edunet coordinated the project Ersmus + EIBI -European Incubator for Business Ideas and  created together with seven  partners from six European countries an innovative European Training Model, focused on the disadvantaged groups, aiming for developing the business ideas and putting  them into practice.

The EIBI  Model combines online  learning using the  Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)  and face to face training based on   project collaboration,   peer-learning,  guidance, coaching and counseling. More information on the project website


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