Dmytro Vakulenko, LLC "Innovation in medicine"

: Jul 9, 2021

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Prof. CEO, LLC "Innovation in Medicine"

We propose new application blood pressure monitor for Express diagnostic adaptation ability of the body. Stage Cardio-vascular, autonom and central nerves system. Detection risk heart, lung, mental disease. Prognose value of blood, shuger concentration and other. Users: Family doctors, Cardiologists, Fitness, rehabilitation, Sports, Military, Astronauts, Veterinary  medicine and other medical staffs.  

We able partnering in biosignal detection, processing, AI and software development, clinical trials and other

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 Health Care
 Medical equipment
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 Human Sciences
 Mental health

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ExpectedOutcome:The results of the selected project will provide the basis for better primary and secondary prevention of CVD. The goal is to identify existing comprehensive CVD and heart failure (HF) patient datasets (with contextual parameters e.g., behavioural, socioeconomic, gender, ethnicity) and integrate them with data from diagnostic tools (e.g....
Deadline Feb 28, 2023   - 91 days