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: Jul 31, 2019

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Collaborate Digital specialises in delivering social and community messages to school children using creative writing and media production.

Our team have worked with public bodies such as the NHS, Ireland’s Health Service Executive and various police forces to engage young people on topics such as blood donation, mental health, consent, online safety and knife crime.

The business community also value our unique approach with Transport for Greater Manchester and EON among the companies that have used Collaborate Digital to involve pupils in topics such as air pollution and smart meters.

Our projects are delivered free of charge to schools with all the necessary materials for each campaign available on the website; Each project has a full lesson plan so that teachers can use our materials to deliver key elements of the curriculum.

Our people are media professionals, former police officers and education specialists with decades of experience in creative writing, police work, teaching, audio and video production which means, whatever your message, we’ll find a great way to engage young people.

If you’re a business or public body and you think Collaborate Digital can help with your communication requirements please email  

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