: Apr 7, 2018

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I am the Managing Director of Bright English Medium School and I’m writing to you introduce myself and to invite the partners at our school.  I will here tell you more about the Bright English medium School project in Loliondo, as you can see in the description of the BEMS project via the link . The project is governed by a board consisting of 14 parents and the village chairman of Loliondo.


The school has a boarding department apart from the school. The school was first established i 2009 and has grown since, so now it educates 320 students and 85 of these students are living on the boarding department which is situated about 2 km's from the school itself.


The boarding school is based on Christian ethics, delivers education at a very high level and a unique opportunity for Maasai children to go to school. As you know this is very important, not at least for the girls, in order to be able to advocate for their rights, provide for their families and to take their lives in their own hands.


The school also finds it important to educate the girls how to manage as an adult women and to avoid circumcision and early pregnancy. We must be frank and say that partnership is a great challenge, and that this challenge is the main background for us taking contact to you.


This is due to the fact that the Maasai families don't have the economy to send their children to school, and that some children don't have a medical insurance. Right now the school is paying for several children who don't have the economic needs, but doesn't have the economy for this in the long run.


But when we read about the goals for the foundation mission including self-reliance and dignity through not at least education we also find, that we really share values and goals. Therefore our great hope is, that you agree and would like to take contact to the director, to make good meeting arrangement with us in order to clarify the possibilities, that you could have a fruitful cooperation. And if you wish so, you are of course very welcome to visit the school.

look forward to hearing from you soon. Feel free to contact me if you have questions,

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