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The whole proposed project is thought about the principle of solidarity and community participation. Solidarity in this project is aimed at the cohesion of youth groups in the local community, which is made more easily through joint activities - as the project proposes (joint effort by the international volunteers within the project and young people in the community in which is in action). Community intervention and the development of solidarity activities (of the community of young people and of the citizens in the neighborhoods where the intervention will take place) aims to promote the concept of active citizenship at the level of the neighborhood. Another objective aimed at promoting solidarity within the framework of the proposed project is to capitalize on volunteering among young people and to provide them with a positive experience that will stimulate further involvement at both community and civil society level.

The short-term objectives of the project are:
1. involvement of 100 young people in Europe in solidarity (volunteer) activities for 40 days in 5 communities in Timişoara
2. involve at least 40 young people in risk situations (young people registered in the probation system with non-custodial sentences) in solidarity actions in an international context for a period of 40 days in 5 communities in Timisoara
3. involvement of at least 30 (predominantly young) citizens in each community (150 in total) in setting up the five urban youth centers for a period of 40 days through volunteering or donation for center setting ( donations materialized only in objects necessary for the arrangement)
4. arrangement and inauguration of 5 youth centers in 40 days from 5 distinct communities in Timisoara using the principle of community solidarity and participatory arts
5. the development of transversal competences for 240 young people from Europe and Romania for 40 days, focusing on: teamwork skills, initiative sense, event organization and communication in a foreign language
6. setting up of 5 urban youth centers in which to develop activities for young people in risk situations in order to make their social inclusion process more efficient

Long-term objectives
1. Creating youth communities in neighborhoods around urban youth centers that contribute to city development by actively participating in democratic and civic life
2. Improving access, participation of disadvantaged groups (young people at risk or with special needs from disadvantaged areas) and reducing disparities that may occur
3. Strengthening the sustainability of the results of the strategic partnership (KA2) between the FITT and the Timisoara City Hall (Creating Frameworks for Tomorrow, s Youth Centers) - applying the methods developed / collected through the intellectual products resulting from this project in the activity of the 5 centers
4. piloting the functioning of these 5 youth centers of Quality Standards for youth centers - product of the implementation of the national POCA project coordinated by FITT - Center for Innovation and Excellence in the field of Public Youth Policies - (standards to be finalized at the end of the month July 2019)
5. Create an example of good practice within the ESC program for both Romania and Europe

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