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Looking for Lead Partner

Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen needs you! We are looking for interested partners to develop a new project…

Would you like to be part of our “Walk the World” (working title, other suggestions welcome) project as a co-applicant?

This is a project in response to project call “Pilot Project: Sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion of refugees - EAC/S20/2019”. For more information, click here.

  • The overall objective of our proposed Action is to contribute to a more inclusive, cohesive and resilient society in Belgium, and by extension, across Europe through our project partners in the consortium. Specifically, this project builds on the well-known premise, supported by the European Commission, that sports can play an important role in the integration of newcomers. The Action therefore specifically aims to enhance and facilitate access to sporting activities for refugees and asylum seekers, and to present those activities via media and communication outlets to the general public, making use of the Applicant and Partners’ extensive national and grassroots networks and reach[1].
  • Vluchtelingenwerk and co-applicants will draw on the extensive national and grassroots networks and some links with organisations (in the area of sport) of various partners to collate and disseminate practical information (through an Application) about existing sports initiatives, ranging from boxing and volleyball to cricket and swimming, to the beneficiaries, refugees and asylum ;All initiatives (5 to 10 maximum?) are by definition small scale and locally rooted; though 1 can also choose to add a more larger event ( refugeewalk).
  • In addition, Vluchtelingenwerk with its partners, and also together with other sports organisations and other umbrella organisations will organise various local, de-centralized walking events bringing together groups of or local walkers with refugees and/or asylum seekers who live in the same area, including people from vulnerable groups who would not ordinarily partake in such events. The Action will introduce a buddying scheme whereby newcomers are paired up with local members.
  • If feasible, the Action will not only map existing initiatives but will also work with large umbrella organisations such as the Walking Federations and women’s networks, Basketball clubs, etc. to organise, through their local branches, inclusive walking events. A buddy scheme will be introduced to further cement budding relationships. These local, participatory activities will lead up to a large-scale event, the Refugee Walk where the beneficiaries will play active roles as organisers or participants. Media attention generated by this and other national campaigns organised by Vluchtelingenwerk and partners will ensure the wider public learns more about and engages in discussion on the role of sport as a tool for social inclusion.


At the heart of this Action lies a strong motivation to build on what already works and share -in a very practical and user-friendly way- recommendations, cautions and pragmatic suggestions. These will be shared widely in Belgium and beyond in other European countries where the partners are active.


Are you interested? Please, reach us on or no later than Tuesday, June 13. Note that the deadline for project submission is 04/07/2019 (12:00pm Brussels time).


[1] As an inspiration we refer for instance, Vluchtelingenwerk to our already-established Gastvrije Gemeente Campaign (Hospitable Communities- see ), to stimulate individuals, civil society organisations, schools and companies to organise independent, de-centralized sporting initiatives with and for refugees in their local communities.


 Capacity Building
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Gender Equality
 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
 Migrants and Refugees

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