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Created on 01 Apr 2016
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SNAP center aims to develop a vocation, functional/education program in order to prepare students for specific crafts and careers. This encompasses vocations that emphasize manual or practical activities as well as specific trades or occupations.

SNAP vocational program will encompass general requirements that include functional and independency skills as well as social skills and specific major requirements and covers the following:

  • Cook & Confectioner, Hair Dressing, Esthetic, Food Service, Carpentry, Mosaic, Pottery, Weaving, Sewing
  • Graphic Design, Computer(IT), Photo Studio, Hospitality Management, Nurse Assistant, Child Care, Doctors’ Assistant
  • Children's Recreation, Facilities Maintenance, DJ/Music


This program aims to help individuals with mild to moderate cases to become financially independent and socially integrated in the workplace. This will also help on the basis of emotional and psychological stability. Finally, this program also aims to decrease the risks of substance and sexual abuse due to lack of labor. 

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