Understanding the Agro tourism and Guesthouse  business in a global context

2 years ago

Ylldise Brahimaj

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 Understanding the Agro tourism and Guesthouse  business in a global context 

Objectives of the consulting services

The overall objective of the consultancy project is to improve management effectiveness and increase market performance of the five beneficiary companies.


Specific objectives will be:

  • Improved awareness of the concept and functioning of a guest-house/accommodation structure;
  • Highlight businesses strengths through inclusive touristic destination promotion;
  • Improved quality of services and clients’ satisfaction;
  • Increased online visibility and number of clients especially during the off-season months, aiming to help them for a fast recovery of operations after the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Increased sales by promoting, developing and supporting community-based, agro-tourism and small businesses in the region of Saranda region ;
  • Improve sales and profitability of the companies;

Consulting /Training/ Coaching and Mentoring 

  • What is a Guest House? Location of the property/service provider.
      • Examine the concept of a ‘Guest House’ and the importance of location.
      • Analyse an area near your home, list how many Guest Houses there are.
  • Nature Tourism – Rural Tourism development and Sustainability.
  • Rural tourist profile;
  • Types of accommodations and their characteristic.
  • Analyse the learning points for decorating
  • Reception Area;
  • Dining Area, etc.
  • Module outcomes:
  • Importance of tourism attractions of the area; Rural tourist profile;
  • Knowledge of accommodation types and their characteristic and relation to the cluster group typology;
  • Examination of the concept “Guest House” and the importance of location;
  • Analysis of the area near the property, and list of documentation for Guest Houses/businesses;
  • Improved awareness of the tourism value chain;
  • Insight of destination promotion as part of the destination management importance;
  • Enhanced presentation skills for area promotion and unique selling point;
  • Importance of product promotion and quality of service in relation to extended overnights in the area;
  • Communication skills (promotion and selling of the area, a calendar of the activities in the area, building network etc.)

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 European social fund (ESF)

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