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The TRAFO KULTUR DIGITAL project aims to initiate the transformation of cultural heritage to this day with innovative digital media use formats and to strengthen the region through culture and the revitalization of historical sites. Studies have shown that the enhancement of the cultural heritage can also be used for tourism. The project follows a holistic approach (cultural, human, economic) and is based on the participation of the local ;

Historical or cultural buildings and places in nature are crucial as social places for social exchange. Unused synergies of existing local initiatives or organisations should be activated via digital networking. The enhancement of cultural heritage should also lead to the strengthening of tourism.

Innovative digital design possibilities such as virtual reality technology should serve to virtually reconstruct historical, cultural buildings in the community. The goal is an interactive installation that explores the design possibilities at the interfaces of music, visual art, virtual reality and augmented reality. For each project year, one of these objects will be the focus of the planned cultural festival TRAFO KULTUR - DIGITAL. The TH Lübeck will produce various innovative multimedia formats, including a specific production for projection domes, a format for virtual reality and immersive formats for streaming and uploading to social ;

 Cultural heritage
 Digital Culture
 New Media

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