Through Gastronomy to Cultural Understanding

Created on 13 Mar 2017
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As each of the EU country has a strong identity and tradition reflected in its national food and beverages, this project seeks to promote international cooperation and culture understanding through learning and gaining practical skills in preparation of traditional regional specialties (as for example, the lead partner will organize a workshop dedicated to gingerbread decorating – a famous regional tradition). Apart from exploring and embracing differences in regional cuisines, significant part of the project will be focused on comparison of the educational content in the gastronomy fields of participating countries.

The project aims to enhance young European students’ skills at food preparation, while they are being informally accustomed with a fundamental part of a different culture – cuisine. This way, students can learn about other cultures through their cuisines and also gain new practical skills important for their future employment. The second aim is to compare educational systems in gastronomy teaching, and enable the partners to learn from each other.


The outcomes of the project will help to transfer gained knowledge to different European countries and simplify understanding to production precesses between different countries.


The intended outcomes are:

- Worksheets with the technological procedures of food preparation that each partner prepares for other partners

- Video records depicting direct food preparation, made during interregional meetings

- Presentation of the production processes, represented in a way so they can be usable for education programmes of all the partners

- A multilingual dictionary of basic terms in all languages ​​of participating countries + English

- A comparative study of teaching content in gastronomy fields from all the participating countries

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