Terra Divina - the New Earth for the New hUmaNITY

1 year ago

Luciano Amarelo



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New ways of looking at the world and a new collective consciousness are emerging. Sharing the planet with all living beings, in peace and harmony, with abundance, prosperity and joy, is the ideal lifestyle we all wish for.

Understanding that it’s a path, “Terra Divina” started from a dream that turned into a purchase of a piece of land, embraced by two streams, center interior of Portugal, in the district of Castelo Branco.




body pratices



all forms of art


The idea is to create a community to live and do what they love. United by permaculture, a vision of divine consciousness, spirituality and Art, the idea is to be a place of sharing, dissemination and experimentation – a showcase of differente practices.

They are looking for people that share the same ideals, to help, join, work, visit or participate in any way you can, for this Project to continue to grow.

Follow them on Facebook or Instagram and feel free to communicate and share experiences.

 Plant Health
 Alternative Therapies
 Performing Arts

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