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Panagiotis Voulellis



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Μy Idea is to develop an electronic platform to estimate the sustainability of a spatial (or even corporate) system. This control will be carried out in relation to the 17 SDGs (UN Agenda 2030)
In this electronic platform the users on one hand will be able to insert the indicators (by category) and their calculation equation( and their limits), and on the other hand they will be able to estimate the level of sustainability , with the help of an algorithm (that we will develop).
Onother important ability of the platform Another additional feature of the platform will be the presentation of problematic indicators regarding how far they are from the desired target.

The goal is to have an integrated system that will lead to:

1. the quantitative and qualitative control of the fulfillment of the SDGs
2. analyzing the problematic indicators
3. managing problems and making the right decisions
4. the monitoring of the system with a view to continuously meeting the SDGs

This tool can be used by:
1. National Governments
2. Regions and Municipalities
3. Companies

The Greece project team includes:
- The National Technical University of Athens and in particular the Planning Research Laboratory, as well as a specialized programmer for the development of the platform.

The demand for cooperation concerns:
- finding the right funding tender
- achieving excellence for the success of the program

 Sustainable Development
 Sustainable Tourism
 Sustainable Transport

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