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2 years ago

Theo Tsenis 西奥·特尼尼斯

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Greetings, my name is Theo Tsenis and I do 5 things 1) I provide low-cost funds or credit line for business expansion and state projects with very flexible repayment 2) I collaborate as an advisor to EU Institutes (guru in AI and hardware), EU grants coordinator and technology park representation due to my multi-fold engineering background 3) I mediate on organizing, promoting and coordinating various confidential deals and investments in various areas like real estate, defense, energy, shipping projects and various other (worldwide) 4) Organizing, running funds of various type like ETF, SICAR, Mutual , using AI to create new investment vehicles and utilizing worldwide unsystemic wealth in building large projects 5) constructing real estate in Greece and Cyprus.

If you see any possible convergence point glad to discuss details on possible synergies and collaborations.


Theo Tsenis




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