Rebelia : An affordable myoelectric hand for the national health systems.

1 month ago

Vittorio Lumare



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I invented a low cost myoelectric hand with 5 active motors and 2 muscle sensors and I would like to certify it and be able to sell it at low price so it could be provided by the national health system to anybody who needs.

The hand is 3D printed and it can promote a circular economy since the plastic filaments can be recycled and re-printed.

It can also be exported for humanitarian aid to the countries where there is more need.

I have a fully working prototype and a colleague who can take care of the 3D aesthetical design.

I need some partners to help me with: funds, insurance, business plan, marketing.

About the medical certification and PRRC for MDR, I know a possible partner company, but I am still open to collaboration proposals.




 Disadvantaged People
 Health Care
 Humanitarian Aid
 Electronics and Microelectronics
 Innovation & Research
 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
 Open Source

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