Promoting Mental Health in young people with the "Madly Human" model

2 years ago

Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V.

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We are currently looking for partners to join any EU funded project in the field of mental health promotion. We would like to build a network with partners implementing our prevention programmes for mental health in young people within the school and higher education setting.

We at Irrsinnig Menschlich, known in English as Madly Human, have been moti-vating young people with our prevention programmes for over 20 years. We seek to better understand mental crises and illnesses and to reduce the stigma, fears and prejudices associated. At the same time, we aim to boost confidence, spread knowledge and outline coping strategies as well as improving attitudes, promot-ing a readiness to seek help and fostering international non-profit organisation based in Leipzig, Germany, is committed to cross-sectoral work in the fields of education (school, vocational training, higher education) and health (prevention, care).Our core competence lies in developing and testing as well as implementing and scaling universal prevention programmes for young people, working alongside our partners to achieve this aim.

We are now looking for partners to join partnership to implement our evidence-based programmes in different countries and cultural settings!

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