Patients with co-infections - challenge for modern medicine, public health and healthcare systems

1 year ago

Magdalena Głowacka



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The issue of co-infection increasingly implies the need to undertake various activities in the field of public health, medicine and related sciences that would improve the effectiveness of the diagnostic and therapeutic process. The current situation of people with co-infections not only negatively affects their health, but also intensifies the development of negative social consequences ( numerous sickness absences). Early diagnosis and implementation of an appropriate therapeutic process requires the development of model behavior patterns. So far, the author's activities have focused mainly on the problem of HIV / AIDS-tuberculosis (TB) co-infection. The result of this work is the publication of several articles. Tuberculosis is the most common infectious disease in patients with HIV immunodeficiency. Moreover, HIV / AIDS-TB co-infection leads to dangerous complications and even death. The analysis of this issue resulted in the publication of an article on the effectiveness of tuberculosis prophylaxis in HIV / AIDS patients - retrospective analysis of data from Almaty (Kazakhstan). The next article concerned the comparative analysis of the effectiveness of tuberculosis prophylaxis in HIV / AIDS patients treated with isoniazid. Subsequent stages of the research should be preceded by an interdisciplinary consultation, which would allow for the revision of the initially established research methodology, and could in the future result in building an international team that would conduct joint international research.

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