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Hello dear students. My name is Nick and I am an English teacher. In the last twenty years, I have been teaching English to elementary, middle, secondary school and university students, and to adults having different cultural backgrounds, social status, and jobs, in Rome and abroad. My teaching philosophy is very simple – do not be shy and try to talk as much as you can. Do not feel embarrassed when you make pronunciation or grammar mistakes. Whenever you make mistakes, you get an opportunity to correct them and learn new things. When you join my class, we’ll start from the basics. I will make our classes fun, engaging, and very educational. After each lesson, you will gradually improve. I am very excited to start teaching you. I love teaching more than anything else in the world and I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

Ciao  a tutti. Sono Nick, madrelingua italiano e inglese americano, laureato, con un BA in Lingue, Culture, Letterature e Traduzione e con un MA in English and Anglo-American Studies, con esperienza ventennale nell'insegnamento della lingua italiana e della lingua inglese a bambini, adolescenti e adulti, tra Roma, Londra, Est Europa e Asia, offresi per preparazione esami universitari di lingua e letteratura italiana, esami di lingua inglese Cambridge e Trinity (qualsiasi livello), aiuto compiti, grammatica e conversazione, scrittura accademica e creativa, traduzioni, interpretariato, ecc. Lezioni esclusivamente online.

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