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2 years ago

Ginevra Agosti

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The basic idea of ​​the business is to grow and sell a variety of edible and medicinal mushrooms without using any chemical additives or plastics, but this is not the whole story. In addition to remarkable health benefits, it is not only what is found on the surface that makes mushrooms something very special, but what lies below. In fact, compared to a plant the mushrooms are only the flower of the much bigger organism that is basically formed by mycelium. Mycelium is the vegetative tissue of the fungus, the medium through which it absorbs nutrients. It consists of often white or cream-coloured strings that grow in long fibers, the hyphae. These spiderweb-like structures can reach immersive dimensions. It can be found in abundance on the planet as it easily colonises soil and many other substrates, practically acting like a glue that binds together different natural particles. Critical Concrete wants to utilize those properties to let the breeding ground of the mushrooms grow into a dense and solid panel, which can be widely used as an ecological and natural tool in architectural ; 

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