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The project will define a specific route with a number of digital experiences shared and individual.

The Global Approach to Migration, which came into force in 2005, represents the transition from a previously security-oriented migration policy to a more transparent and exhaustive strategy, that would be driven by a better understanding of all aspects related to migration, and considering mobility as a positive force for development (European Commission, 2008). This approach, defined by the European Commission as the external dimension of the European Union’s (EU) migration policy, contributes to the relocation of the attention paid by the EU in the field of migration management to the beginning of the migratory chain.

Under the framework of the Global Approach to Migration, the main instrument of cooperation with third countries ha been the Mobility Partnership. Taking the form of a political declaration between the partner third country, the European Commission and the participating member states, the Mobility Partnership has been presented as an instrument elaborated to better manage circulation between the EU and the partner countries, by addressing the facilitation of legal migration, the fight against irregular migration, the enhancement of the link between migration and development and the development of the external dimension of asylum.

With the constraints of a covid lockdown society, the EU brexited component and the reforms in the Western Balkans - one important question remains unanswered - HOW DOES VIRTUAL MOBILITY SUPPORT IN 2021 redefine the studies, practices and thinking held in 2005 by the EU.  How can youths contribute to the new ideas that are required just in time to cover the broader European Space. The literature and actions on the external governance of the EU’s migration policy has shed a light on the dynamics and motivations behind EU’s projection of rules and policies often portraying the EU as a homogeneous and rational actor, unilaterally exporting its “European interest”.  Is this really the case in 2021 - what can be proposed?


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