Mobile Robotics for Industrail /ware house automation

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Robots will have a profound effect on the workplace of the future and Addverb is imagining that tomorrow and building it today! 

The existence of robot-human collaboration has been only further strengthened by Covid 19 crisis and  Addverb is adding an impetus to this human-machine co-existence. The world of technology is growing at a breakneck speed. And Addverb is contributing in catalysing the process by Innovating with continuous evolution. Idle time is reduced by 85% when humans work collaboratively with robots compared to when working in all-human teams. Bot-Valley is an epitome of this wonder of technology. #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry405) Bot-Valley will make India the capital of global robotics industry. Here robots come to life to upskill generations to come! #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry406) Many aspects of manufacturing processes have become automated and robotics play an important role in this automation. Bot-Valley is established on the same concept. Here Robots make Robots! #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry407) Production processes become significantly more efficient and the outputs become more consistent when robotics are used. And that is how Bot-Valley is going to make India a capital of global robotics industry. #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry408) Robots can take the place of humans in dangerous jobs or situations. From the safety perspective, this is where robotics can add its wonders! #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry409) Robots don't get tired and we at Bot-Valley are making sure to disrupt the supply chain ecosystem by using this superpower! #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry4010) Automation and mechanization boosts the overall standard of living and Addvern at Bot-Valley is constantly working upon the same! #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry4011) Experience the Power of Automation at Bot-Valley as Addverb is deploying the power of robotics on their own processes here! #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry4012) AI and robots are a powerful combination for automating tasks. And Addverb is leveraging the power of both at Bot-Valley! #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry4013) Robots have been introduced to manage the inventory and sales floor, giving ultimate precision and cutting high costs. Ecommerce is the new black and Bot-Valley the new orange!#AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry4014) AI is helping the manufacturing & production industry by making product decisions instant. And Addverb is making it smarter as well at Bot-Valley! #AddverbBotValley #WondersofBotValley  #industry4015) Artificial intelligence and robotics are the driving force of the future. And Addverb redefining this statement by introducing the power of AI & Robotics to the world TODAY!

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