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Globalization has a profound effect on the law, affecting the way lawyers interact with each other and conduct their business. We live in an enormous amount of digital information. Humanity moves from the Gutenberg Age (the discoverer of the book machine) to the M. Zuckerberg era (creates Facebook, information becomes content). Over 65% of people do not imagine living without a smartphone. The conscious conscious selects that information that is filled with pictures and easier to understand. The tedious and regulated field of law is also beginning to shift towards digitalisation. The "I, the Lawyer" project seeks a European transfer of multiple social innovations in a sensitive sector. Using European experience to integrate regulated "legal actions" and digital technologies in the name of accessible social justice. With regard to the innovative European practices sought, it is envisaged to: study the management and organizational model (s) of legal digital companies; Architecture / structure of the main WEB instrument of identified non-European practices for twenty law firms using digital legal products / services. Digital marketing and how law firms' WEB platforms are "marketed" to external clients. The project idea envisages, after, partner training, adaptation, validation and testing of a new WEB platform, where there will be solutions for: Organization and arrangement of legal information as a process; Processing of legal information; Technology for the use of legal information; Creation of legal templates and digital technologies; Digital marketing of legal products. Main project results Project implemented under scheme BG05M9OP001- "Transnational partnerships" Implementing a European transfer of "social innovations" and pilot implementation in a publicly sensitive sector - justice.

 Corporate Law
 Tax Law
 Immigration Law
 Intellectual Property Law
 International Law
 Civil Law

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