Investigation on the artistic possibilities of biofeedback

4 years ago

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As a result of the rapid transformation that our society has undergone since the industrial revolution, building memories of the natural world is something which difficults over time. In our practice we use technology as a means to reconnect this human experience, integrating nature into the digital age. We envision a future where interaction is organic and very much alive, all living species are sentient and communication among species is ;

The Secret Life of Plants (1966 / 2019) is a co-creative music installation based on capacitive biofeedback sensing. Through digital technology we are able to expand the data collected from the plant when approached, transforming it into ;

The mesurement of the variation that ocures in the conductivity is what establishes our MIDI controller, we recieve a constant stream of messages from the plant, this system is calibrated so as to send out a MIDI note when come into contact. This specific project was calibrated this way based on the environment, but contact is not actually necessary to obtain the same result, the mere presence of the user within a given area is enough to simulate it.  

Our installation is a form of sonifying data, in hope of cultivating awareness connected to plant inteligence. We hope that this demonstration will contribute towards a broader understanding on how nature responds to electromagnetic fields. The concept of plant neurbiology is a concept which could modify the way in which we interact with the natural ;

Considering socio-political issues such as global warming and climate change created by the economic activities of the human species, we feel it is more important than ever to pay attention to the forces of nature.

This piece was developed in recognition of the investigation of Cleve Backster, an interrogation specialist who conducted experiments in the 1960´s, connecting polygraph electrodes to plants, proving plants to have conciousness. The recordings used in the installation were extracted from an Interview with Backster in the documentary “The Secret Life Of Plants” where he describes his first encounter with “primary perception”.

This documentary directed by Walon Green is based on the book written by Peter Tompkins and Christopher ;

Developing and exhibiting this project towards a social environment such as Sonar + D , was such a positive and inspiring experience for ;

Just wanted to thank you ALL for the support and enthusiasm, and letting us share the future we envision with ;

More exciting things to come.

The project was designed and exhibited at:
Sonar +D, 2019, Barcelona, ES

Sponsored by Bare Conductive 

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