International Volunteers/Interns/Teams Opportunities in Our Local Projects in Livingstone, Zambia

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New Hope Waves Limited

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School Teaching and Training (schools)

We are working with mainly tow schools which is

- 1. Community Schools with more than 300 pupils from the ages of 2 years -15 years from very underprivileged Preschool to Grade 7 and if you intend to work with them you will be teaching English, Math, Art and other more creative subjects that you might be skilled or passionate with

2. Preschool schools that we are working with children from the ages of 2 years to 9, from Preschool to Grade 2 with more 60 pupils at this school, you can help in teaching these children English, Math, Songs and Dances and in the general cleaning and child care

3. Conduct some out of school workshop to improve the lives of young people out of schools to provide mentoring, health talks, street literate program (though in need of books), music, dances, art and other sports


- Football Coaching Training and Skills Development

You will work with us to play, coach if you can and also to hang out the children at the football pitch if you cannot join them in social football with the boys and girl from the under resourced communities from the ages from 7-25 years who are some of them in school and most of them out of school due to high school fees which their parents cannot afford to pay them so we work with them to keep them stay away from drugs and other illicit activities in the unsafe communities!

We have also a club that is in the league with the teams for boys from 17-25 years as well as the girls’ team from ages from 13-18 years and have also a number of boys’ teams starting with the Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 17 years running!

The boys in the team in the league start their games from April to December as well as the girls team they are all competing to go to higher leagues


- Elderly Care and Support

We are working with Maramba Old People Home where 65 old people live from different backgrounds with challenged situations such as abandoned by their families, poverty situations in the rural areas then migrate to the city ending up of been stuck in lives then get adopted in the home so you providing them with care and support, so if interested you will be able to help out with the tasks at the home such as serving them with food, clean the surrounding, cutting their nails, cleaning their rooms as well as having quality time to share stories and experiences etc

- Gardening and Eco Project (in process)

We have plans underway to work with the local farmers or gardeners so if you interested to volunteer and work with them we are more than ready to connect so that we will share your skills and time to prepare the ground and do the actual gardening and eco project


- IT and Business Courses 

We are working to start the IT and business classes for the vulnerable youth from the ages of 15-25 years so far we have 5 computers still more resources to get more tolos for the classes so that we will have Information, Communication and Technology and Business program is working to build the digital bridge that will enable young people to have access to computers and technology to find real solutions, share and experiences that will create jobs and opportunities through computer studies.

This Project will empower the local youth to have skills, knowledge and resources to start up their ventures, employable and in return imrpove their lives and develop the communities


- Fundraising/ Crowdfunding/Grant Writing/Marketing and Networking

We are looking for volunteers with skills, experience and passion to créate awareness on the projects as well as raising funds to start or to support the ongoing projects to impact the communities.

There is a lot of work being done every day, but still the biggest challenge is money. If you have willingness and/or experience with crowdfunding, grant writing, fundraising, report writing; if you know organizations, people or businesses, who/which could support us, you could make a huge difference here and in the lives of the disadvantaged.

As a growing and ambitious organization, we strive to get on a fast track with our projects. Thus we are in need of marketing and networking our organization and its projects as wide as possible. If you know some good organizations that could support us, or would like to help extend our network, you are welcome to do so.


- Building Projects (in Process)

We need volunteers who are interested to fundraising and also construction that will asssist to building a multi purpose community centre for young people in Maramba and Livingstone which will house a community school, vocational skills training center, hostel, café, health center and playing space for young people as well as rental space for income generation thanks!


- Administration / Management training/Promotional Videos/IT  and Productions
With growth, we meet the challenges of more effective administration/management of our organization and its projects. We need our organizational structures and procedures to be revised, perhaps new policies to govern our activities to be implemented. We welcome all kind of project management trainings

A volunteer with skills of capturing and editing videos is much needed as well, since people would like to visually see what our projects are rather than merely reading about it. Sharing this on YouTube, the organisational website, and on our Facebook page would raise awareness among a larger number of people, increasing the opportunity for receiving help.

Our website needs design and systemic improvements, however we lack the tools enabling us to update our website. We would like to have a monthly newsletter to report achievements, challenges and news, but we struggle with editing, design, and implementation.


- OVC and Youth Scholarship Program (in Process)

This is program will run to support young people who are orphaned and vulnerable will be given an opportunity to go to school and colleges through providing school fees, uniforms, books, clothing and other supplements such as foodstuffs, income-generating activities to sustain their lives more especially among the child-headed homes.

We will need volunteers who are passionate or skilled to connect children to sponsors, write stories of the children and also willing to fundraise school fees and school requirements for the vulnerable children etc


- Public Health Care Workshop Trainings (in Process) 

We need volunteers who are skilled or passionate to make a difference in the área of public health care who provide medical, psycological and moral support to the vulnerable community members through sharing their skills, experiences, concerns and the approaches to address these issues affecting the communities such as Health, Social, HIV/AIDS and Developmental. The core principles and values to be taught and practiced, social and developmental change here in Livingstone, Zambia. They will assist us to operate within the scope and to relevant to the issues within the mission.

 Construction Industry
 Capacity Building
 Disadvantaged People
 Education and Training
 Youth Exchanges
 EU Aid Volunteers
 Human Sciences

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