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EcoFaire Enterprises, Inc.

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EcoFaire Enterprises will partner with each government, industries and businesses as well as showcase our US Exports. We see this opportunity as a expansion of US Exports and helping establish local manufacturing.

EcoFaire' JOBBANKS {IP Pending} is a concept being presented as a Social Entrepreneurship strategy to inspire a Green Industrial Movement Worldwide. EcoFaire will foster, help rebuild, renovate, & recycle spent ; These efforts will rejuvenate communities throughout the world. Focusing on supplies of labor, trained and untrained, we want to uplift, nurture, and support these ; 


Then, we will expand these communities through our JOBBANK concept. We have found that there needs to be more innovative and disruptive strategies to support individuals in their quest for meaningful and creative ; This will allow them the opportunity to contribute into their community, state or region which then forms an “EcoFaire system”. This recycling of local “dollars” feeds the JOBBANKS.


The initial phase of forming a Local EcoFaire JOBBANK needs support from local community Colleges and Universities. There is a need to have a National-International Audit created to reach the various levels: Unemployed from 18-35, Underemployed, Veterans, recently Discharged from the Military, & the Disabled. Those wanting to volunteer and Mentor can also help, as well as those reaching 50 and above.


EcoFaire Institute will spearhead this undertaking and will utilize various strategies to reach our goal of finding positions for everyone. This International Institute will educate, inform, set curriculum for Green Technologies, products and ; 


We then will incorporate this curriculum into each EcoFaire Region through their respective JOBBANK. Environmental, Mental Health and Everyday living issues will be looked at opened to discussion. Challenging young adults and Entrepreneurs to bring about change and establish a policy for everyone by dealing with the issues by bringing employable solutions.


The EcoFaire International Institute will be championing a concept of Green Civil Defense. It is a call to action for everyone to consider solutions to environmental ; 

Some of those include: Climate Change which brings an Invasion of microorganisms and how to best deal with these environmental hazards in an organic way leading to a Zero Carbon Footprint. Worldwide Transportation presents many problems including public health and safety Issues regarding the spread of Flu and other diseases.


Disasters and the mobility of people that follows awaken diseases that have otherwise remained dormant for ; Finding an organic solution to these problems and using it to further a Green Industrial revolution is one main goal of Green Civil ;

We are creating a Network of Local ; The coordination with the EcoFaire Institute we will bring a Video Network to locations and events throughout the World.



 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Technology Transfer
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 Education and Training
 European social fund (ESF)

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