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Created on 16 May 2016
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Projects related to increase ICT, language, vocatioanal, basic skilss, Lifelong learning, adult education, school education

 Development and Cooperation
 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Innovation & Research
 Creative Europe

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Christian Community Healthcare Foundation- Kenya (COHECF-KENYA) is looking for partners to partner with in projects touching on Education, Agriculture, Peace, Road Safety, Youth and Women Empowerment and Health. We can apply and implement the project ...

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CATIE is an international entity with a unique combination of science, graduate education and innovation for development, creating professionals with a distinct perspective who can contribute to the sustainable growth of their communities. ...

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The aims will be achieved through the valorisation of local resources, so as to prevent a loss of animal biodiversity and trough a transfer of innovation into the production pathway. The central idea is to share the GMP for promoting and developin ...