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Concept: Pandemic City
Location: Rural area close to agglomeration centers
Size: for approximately 200,000 people Idea providers: Petra and Michael Jans (email: ; mob: +49 172 877 3006)
Idea: A prefabricated city will be built, where only those who have been tested positive will move for the duration of their illness.
In this city, facilities such as swimming pools, shops, cafes, ... are being built so that the sick can have social exchanges in a good environment and can therefore recover more quickly.
In addition, this pandemic city will offer an ideal research environment to track the course of the disease - a research laboratory will be connected to monitor the course closely. For example, in spring, summer vegetables grown by the pandemic patients resident there are in a kind of self-sufficiency.
There will be the opportunity to relax outdoors (parks, lakes) in the fresh air. The sick can exchange the course of the disease in groups and encourage each other - Yoga is offered or other relaxation exercises.
In such an environment with positive energy, the sick will surely recover faster than in a single isolation and social contacts are guaranteed. If possible, a hospice should also be connected to this facility.
It would be a great accelerator in the current situation - many small and medium-sized companies (construction, horticulture, ...) would be supplied with new orders in the area of the construction and administration of this city and thus the economy could experience new important impulses at this time. This could also be initiated in an international environment - ie at EU level - pandemic cities could be set up in France, Italy, Spain, ... and this will be supported financially by the EU Commission as EU programs for the coming years.
Implementation: First in the wider area of Berlin (with a security corridor of 10 km) - hermetically sealed off. Only people who test positive come into the city - the corridor is monitored as militarily or by the police as possible, so that there is no possibility of penetration here. Fast implementation by companies from the fields of trade fair construction, prefabricated construction, landscaping and gardening and gastronomy.
Start: immediately Funds from the federal government, from the EU Commission, from a spontaneous public call for donations, from private sponsors such as foundations, ... In pandemic-free times: this city is used as a public facility like a kind of center park

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